Holly Farrell

Holly’s moody, often melancholic depictions of everyday objects have gained her a substantial following in Canada, and the US. “When the objects started to take on a character of their own, I realized I was really painting portraits without any people in them.”

hollyBorn in North Bay, Ontario in 1961, Holly has been painting full-time since 1995 and exhibits her work in galleries in Canada and the United States. Self-taught, she began painting as a hobby to alleviate the stress of her daytime job working with children with special needs. Initially she copied drawings and designs onto wood, cans or bowls, teaching herself the qualities of paint, mixing, and brushwork. Within a year Holly began to draw on her own, choosing subjects from her day to day life: the bowls, chairs, and tables that were necessary tools for living. She finishes her paintings by framing them with antique frames.

Not knowing any other way to paint, Holly would transfer her drawings onto board and use the same technique for painting that she applied to wood and metal. This involved many layers of paint, acrylics and oils bound together by even more layers of varnish. Holly continues to use the same technique today, applying it to subjects that she hopes will inspire others to reflect in the same way that they inspire her to paint.